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Financial Reporting MacGyver-Hack with BIP+OBIEE: A Quickie!

As presented at the Rittman Mead BI Forum, Atlanta 2013.
by Jeremy Harms on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Financial Reporting MacGyver-Hack with BIP+OBIEE: A Quickie!

The Philosophical The Practical i.e. The Why i.e. The How The Puzzle OBIEE
Limitations A Legit
MacGyver Toolkit Vs. The Toolkit I
Had in My Pocket... School of
Hard Knocks My Final
Hack Approach "So there was this puzzle I had to solve..." "And OBIEE alone couldn't do it all..." "And (unfortunately!) *this* wasn't an option..." "So I did the next best thing that I could think of..." "But as a total newbie, I learned the *hard way*..." "And finally figured out a better way!" If I could give you one (and only one) piece of advice today… DON'T. Instead, do it in Hyperion Financial Reporting (with Essbase) Almost always spreadsheet format; difficult without a “grid” Very particular order (calcs inbetween groups)
COGS need to display as (+) but rollup as (-) Butterfly layout, whitespaces, requires repeating page headers on printout “Congrats! You now have Oracle BI – A dynamic *business intelligence* analytic tool for roll-up, drill-down, exception based insights!” “Huh. Uh, yeah sounds great; thanks. Look, now what I really need is…” “A literal one-for-one replacement of a billion and five reports…” “That we started developing over 20 years ago...” “Oh by the way, they were ALL previously built in Excel. Oh, and another thing, they’re all financial reports...” “And did I mention they all need to look exactly like they did before?” (sigh…) Let me tell you a little story. It goes something like this… Hyperion Financial Reporting Cube outline rolls up P&L calcs for you (The following is based on a true story) So I showed them the P&L. And then this happened… “I love this P&L! It does exactly what I wanted it to do!” “By the way, all I need now is a copy of this report that shows the last 12 months, not just the current month…” (HFR, please!) OBIEE + BIP P&L = I'm an OBIEE guy by trade Not I P expert... BIP11g w/ Word RTF Layout. CAUTION: My F rmula: BEWILDERMENT AHEAD 6 columns x 22 groups;
calc lines 132 variables... = NOT SURE IF REALLY
SUPPOSED TO BE THIS HARD BIP11g w/ ONLINE EDITOR! OR IF REALLY THAT DUMB? 1. OBIEE analysis for custom P&L groups for report line details Natively “accounting aware”; consolidation signs display (+) COGS, but rollup as (-) Grid based layout editor a Jeremy Harms, CD Group Senior Oracle BI Consultant
@jeremyharms 2. OBIEE report to build P&L calculation lines 3. BIP Data Model using BI reports from #1 and #2 4. Formatted report via BIP 11g Online Layout editor and "shuffled the deck" { } + + = + + = But don’t just take my word for it... There's more than meets the eye – some really clever stuff is going on behind the scenes here to make this happen.

~ Mark Rittman It’s right in the name after all:
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