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Copy of Copy of FreedomWorks' Educational Freedom Campaign

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by Igor Volsky on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of FreedomWorks' Educational Freedom Campaign

The Journey
FreedomWorks' Educational Freedom Campaign
Engage in the Six Steps to Educational Freedom
National March on Washington
End Common Core
School Choice for ALL
Repeal No Child Left Behind
End the Department of Education
Reform Teacher Training, Pension, & Tenure
Power to Communities not Special Interests
Common Core is a national set of standards nicknamed "college and career readiness standards" that were forced upon states (45) in return for grant money through the stimulus package.

FreedomWorks will work with state groups to pass legislation eliminating Common Core in their states (see detailed plan).
End Common Core
Inefficient government bureaucracy that spends money with no results.
Fights those who wish to enact school choice at every available opportunity.
Funds teachers unions.
Running off of a budget that is six times its original size (currently $77.8 billion).
Of that money, only .11 of every dollar is actually allocated to the states for use in the classroom.
Achievement gap is widening, not shrinking, under DOE programs.
End the Department of Education
Billions in unfunded liabilities are wrapped up in Teacher Pension programs.
It's difficult for districts to get rid of under performing teachers because of tenure policies.
New teacher that excel in the classrooms are paid less than those who have been around but are under performing.
Training programs are based in the new Common Core standards system - should be freed up and focus more on content and in the classroom training.
Teacher Reform (Training, Pensions, Tenure)
February 1, 2014
End of National School Choice Week
Begin building momentum NOW with the launch of the Educational Freedom campaign.
Partner with Coalition Members
Bi-Partisan Effort
Focus on kids and the future = excellent media opportunity.
School Choice For All
School choice offers parents, communities, and students the opportunity to select the educational opportunity that best fits their needs. Ideally, parents will have access to their money with that money following the child to the school/institution of their choice.

Traditional Public Schools
Private Schools
Virtual Schools
Home Schooling
Charter Schools

Your Money, Your Child, Your Choice
Repeal No Child Left Behind
No Child Left Behind, passed in 2001, is top-down legislation full of unfunded mandates that require schools to teach to the lowest common denominator rather than challenge students to reach their fullest potential.

Teachers are required to teach to standardized tests rather than focus on critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Districts must find ways to fund programs they are required to participate in even if students needing the program don't exist in their classrooms.
Return Power to Communities ...
not special Interests
Parents and communities should decide what programs and curriculum is presented in classrooms, not special interest groups.
Special interests run public education in America. One prime example is Pearson Education which has a monopoly on the Texas education system to the tune of more than $495 million in the latest contract.
Standardized testing is a BUSINESS, not a means to collect valuable data to improve student performance.
Educational Freedom is a universal cause that is key to the future of the nation.
Casts a passionate and caring light on our activists - different from the image currently portrayed by media.
Opportunity to control the narrative on our movement
Progressives have spent the last 60 years taking over the education system; we have a short window to take it back.
We would capture those who are "with" us but were not active on the other issues, especially minority communities.
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