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No description
by Hemant Surale on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of "SMART" GLOVES

Smart Gloves..... Alive
Basic Input
Mouse and Keyboard
Mouse - replaced with gesture recog

- Still Same from 1870.

It is true
"Keyboard has never been modified Since 1870".
"many proposed better ways for layout"
Smart Gloves : Internals
Arduino Uno

Flex Sensors

Secret Intelligence :P
Drivers and Tools to manipulate bindings

Demo Apps
First Ever
Snake >

Demo App
Standard KeyBoard
Devorak ( with Weak Pinky Keyboard )
Most efficient ever
Lets Play Your Role in
" ReVolution"
Good News
Smart Gloves
Alternate for traditional keyboard
Customize based on what you need
Easy to use

" User Defined Binding as a IoT Controller"
Home Row = 32%
Upper Row = 52%
Lower Row = 16%
Home Row = 70%
Upper Row = 22%
Lower Row = 8%
Kinect : Dancer
Complete Body Involvement

Mostly For Under 16

More Fun For Less Time

10 - 30/60 Min
MYO : Wrestler
Another Gesture Recognition Tech.

Band For Forearm

Muscle tracking

Kind of "Minority Report"

1 - 5 hrs
LEAP : Conductor
Hand movement tracking

Only Works with Desktop/Laptop

10 - 30/60 minutes
Two Of them Need
3rd eye.
Not Convinced Yet ??
Smart Gloves
No need of third Eye
Mount at back of hand
Daily Use = with Laptop/Keyboard/Mobile
are the
Lets Try It Out
Smart Gloves

An attempt to get rid of keyboard and mouse...
Mr. Surendra Salke
Mr. Hemant Surale
IoTBangalore Group
As A Keyboard -
OR As a IoT Controller to Home Automated Devices
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