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Vemma Opportunity Prezi

Insanely healthy energy
by Kevin Crommelin on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Vemma Opportunity Prezi

Verve is the healthiest energy
drink on the market.

Verve has vitamins A-E and
various other minerals and

Verve uses natural energy
enhancers to create a
natural long lasting effect.
What is Vemma??
What is
Vemma is a new network marketing company that is paying young adults all across the world to promote a new healthy energy drink called Verve!
Vemma is only 8 years old, but created over 100 million last year in revenue and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
Vemma also has credibility from big names you recognize such as...
Dr. Oz
Pheonix Suns have verve as their official energy drink.

As a brand partner you and one guest can go to every home game for free.

Brand partners get to go in a lounge that
overlooks the suns arena.

Lets take a look...
Chris Powell
Big names such as Dr. Oz, Chris Powell, and the Pheonix Suns would only put their names on a business if the business was credible.
How do you make this work for you?

Well lets hear from the CEO...
What Now?
Get back to whoever showed you this Prezi and
get any questions you have answered so you can
get signed up and profitable as soon as possible!
Vemma is currently growing at an exponential rate and is projected to climb over a billion dollars in revenue within the next 10 years.
Now is the time!
This is going big with or without you.
So the only question is...
Are you in?!?
Who does Vemma?
Anyone 14+ can become a brand partner.
(14-17) require parental approval

Verve mainly targets young adults who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Verve is spreading through colleges across the world faster than imagined possible due to how well connected young people are in today's age.
This is BIG...
Students all across America hearing about Vemma for the first time...
Not only does Vemma pay brand partners well but if you are successful they will pay for the lease on a brand new BMW or Mercedes.
These are some great longer videos you may want to watch if you want to learn even more.
#VHQ Contact info:



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